"Obscenity 'Shock' Led to Group's Start" Omaha World Herald, 4/4/1991.

"Holy Molars: Omahans Say Dental Work Turned Gold" Omaha World Herald, 6/27/1999.

"Tooth Claim Could Use a Checkup" Omaha World Herald,  6/29/1999.

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Important: Although the Omaha World Herald article on dental gold appeared in other newspapers through the Associated Press, information about Kaspar's dentist stating that the crown already had a gold color when it was put in is usually missing from those versions. Other details are usually missing as well.

How was it determined that the Margaret Kaspar who served as vice president of the censorship group is the same Margaret Kaspar who made the dental miracle claim? The pictures of Kaspar in the 6/27/1999 dental miracle article, the 6/8/1991 Fremont Tribune article about the censorship group, and pictures of Kaspar posted online (found using details about Kaspar from the 6/27/1999 article) indicate it is probably the same Margaret Kaspar. The name Kaspar is also not all that common. For example, a search at whitepages.com (which includes listings not found in phone books) found only around 70 or so people in the entire state of Nebraska with the last name Kaspar. (The additional results have different spellings.)