Iowa Censor Convicted of Harassing
Woman With Obscene Phone Calls

       In 1997, Iowa enacted a statewide ban on nude dancing, even in strip clubs that don't serve alcohol. Since then, nude strip clubs in Iowa have survived under a loophole in the law by designating themselves as theaters for the performing arts. (Such as The Playhouse Performance Arts Theater, about 15 miles from Omaha in Mills County, Iowa.)
        One of the Iowa State Legislators who voted to outlaw nude dancing was Michael Cataldo. Three years after voting to ban nudity in strip clubs, Cataldo was convicted of harassing a woman with repeated, unwanted obscene phone calls. Cataldo chose her number at random and would say such things as, "Are you touching yourself? I am." Seven other witnesses testified that they had also received unwanted obscene phone calls from Cataldo. Cataldo thinks nude strip clubs should be illegal, yet his hobby is calling strangers to tell them he is masturbating!

For Cataldo's voting record to ban nude dancing, see
  The nude dancing bill was referred to as Senate File (S.F.) 503, amending code sections 728.1, 728.5.

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