Pastor Mike Hintz
Another Omaha Anti - Pornography Hypocrite

     In July of 2000, the anti-pornography group Omaha for Decency ran a full page ad in the Omaha World Herald. The ad stated that businesses which sell porn should be criminally prosecuted in order to uphold morals and protect marriages. Local pastors signed the ad, including Michael Hintz, then a pastor at Trinity Church Interdenominational. (A copy of this ad can be viewed here, names are in alphabetical order by last name.)
    Since then, Pastor Hintz moved to Iowa and became a pastor at the First Assembly of God Church in Des Moines. In October 2004, the 35-year-old married pastor was fired when he admitted that he had been having sex with a 17-year-old girl from the church whom he had been counseling for emotional problems. He also pled guilty to the charge of sexual exploitation by a counselor. Investigators found that, although there was not any force involved, there was a lot of emotional and mental uncertainty on the girl's part. (WOWT Channel6
12/8/2004,  Des Moines Register 12/8/2004, Omaha World Herald, 3/9/2005)
    Pastor Hintz thinks porn should be prosecuted to protect morals and marriages, yet this married pastor was having sex with a 17-year-old he was supposed to be counseling. The Des Moines Register also reported that Pastor Hintz had "urged teens to avoid pursuing romantic relationships in favor of getting closer to God." Do you want a hypocrite like this dictating what you can and cannot view or read?


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