Omaha Anti - Porn Crusader Who Wants Porn
Prosecuted Was a Porn Fan Himself

        In July 2000, the anti-porn group Omaha for Decency ran a full page ad in the Omaha World Herald advocating the criminal prosecution of Omaha stores that sell porn. The ad was signed by Omaha area pastors and other anti-porn crusaders. (A copy of this ad can be viewed here.)
         One of the persons who signed the ad was Bob Larson from Teen Challenge of the Midlands. In the May 2003 issue of the Teen Challenge Update newsletter, Bob Larson admitted that he had regularly enjoyed looking at porn for the majority of his adult life (as of the time the newsletter was written). Although Larson signed his name to a newspaper ad that advocated the criminal prosecution of those who sell porn, he of course didn't advocate that himself be prosecuted for looking at the stuff regularly for over 20 years. Larson is another Omaha censor who is nothing but a hypocrite.
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