Anti - Porn Crusader from Omaha for Decency
Wants Governments to Execute People
Who Don't Share His Religious Beliefs
      In July 2000, the anti-porn group Omaha for Decency ran a full page ad in the Omaha World Herald which endorsed the prosecution of Omaha stores that sell porn. Local pastors signed the ad, including Phil Kayser of the Dominion Church. (A copy of this ad can be viewed here, names are in alphabetical order by last name.)
      Phillip Kayser has since published an online booklet at called Is the Death Penalty Just?. In this booklet, Kayser states that governments should implement Biblical law. As part of this Biblical law, Kayser advocates that the death penalty be applied to people who are openly gay and refuse to "repent." He also advocates using the death penalty against those who publicly preach religious views that he disagrees with. (If they don't "repent.") (See Appendix B of his booklet for his list of capital offenses, items 5 & 13.) Some of the other things Kayser thinks deserve the death penalty (at least in some cases) include adultery and failing to observe his religion's sabbath. Do you want an extremist bigot like this controlling what you read or view?
      Although Kayser believes in the death penalty for adultery, homosexuality, and rape of a married or engaged woman, he states in his booklet that rape of an unmarried woman does not justify the death penalty. (p. 14) So Kayser believes that rape of an unmarried women (who isn't engaged) is far less serious than adultery, homosexuality, or rape of a married or engaged woman. This guy is just twisted. Omaha for Decency spreads a myth that viewing porn causes people to develop twisted views of rape victims, yet one of their own anti-porn crusaders has twisted views on rape.
    Some censors claim that sexism is also encouraged by porn. Yet Kayser, as an anti-porn crusader, advocates sexism. In his booklet Mature Daughters, Kayser states that after high school, daughters should live at home under the authority of their fathers until marriage. After marriage, Kayser writes, their husbands should have authority over them.
     One of the other things Kayser believes can sometimes justify the death penalty is blasphemy, and he has some very interesting definitions of blasphemy. In his sermon Words of Grace, Kayser included the following words and phrases in his definition of blasphemy: gee, jeez, good grief, gosh, my goodness, goodness sakes, drat, and suffering succotash! (p. 5-8 of the PDF) He considers these to be euphemisms for blasphemy and therefore the same as blasphemy. Suffering succotash, of course, was made famous by Sylvester the cat cartoons. Good grief was used in Peanuts comic strips and cartoons. So according to Kayser's logic, the writers or voice actors of these cartoons might have deserved the death penalty for using those terms. What a whackjob!
     Phillip Kayser preaches out of both sides of his mouth as well. In Feb. 2012, Kayser signed his name to a newspaper ad and website sponsored by a group of clergy called the Nebraska Heritage Coalition. Although the ad and website declare homosexuality to be a sin, both the ad and website state that, "We condemn violence or hatred perpetrated against anyone based on their sexual preference." Yet Kayser advocates giving gays the death penalty. In addition to being a deranged bigot, Kayser is also completely full of shit.
    Do you want this douchebag and his Christian version of the Taliban controlling what you read or view?

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