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       Some Nebraska and Omaha censors are crackpots who have no credibility.
       Fremont has (or had) a censorship group similar to the Omaha for Decency censorship group, called Fremont Area Citizens for Decency. Like Omaha for Decency, the Fremont group tried to get stores to stop selling sexually explicit materials and tried to get the city to impose censorship. One of the persons who has served as vice president of Fremont Area Citizens for Decency is Margaret Kaspar. (Omaha World Herald 4/4/1991, Fremont Tribune 6/8/1991)
      In June 1999, Margaret Kaspar told the Omaha World Herald that God had supernaturally transformed one of her dental crowns into solid gold! (Omaha World Herald, 6/27/1999 & 6/29/1999) When Kaspar had her dentist, Dr. James Wewel in Fremont, look at the crown he informed her that the crown already had a gold color when it was put in (although it was not actually made of gold). But Kaspar still stood by her dental miracle claim without even having the material from the crown analyzed. Apparently Kaspar is a complete nutcase. Do you want crackpots like this dictating what you can and cannot read or watch? 
        Of course this is not meant to suggest that people are crackpots just because they have devout religious beliefs. (Devout religious people are among those who agree that these dental miracle claims are absurd, such as the author of this article at But crackpots like Kaspar made these bizarre claims even when there was obvious evidence which contradicted their claims. Another person from the Omaha area who claimed that his silver dental fillings had been miraculously transformed by God into gold let an Omaha World Herald staff member look into his mouth. The person from the World Herald saw that the fillings were still silver.
      In another case, the person jumped to the conclusion that a filling was miraculously transformed into gold before her dental records, located in a different country, could even be checked to see if gold (or gold colored material) had been put in originally. A fourth person interviewed by the World Herald was not even willing to have his dental miracle claim investigated at all, stating that, "I feel in my heart that this is true." This person believed it happened
without even having his dental records checked or the tooth examined by a dentist. Basically, he believed it happened just because he wanted to believe it happened. In fact, as far as the World Herald could determine, none of the people from the Omaha area who made these claims agreed to have the material analyzed to determine its content.
       Margaret Kaspar was inspired to check her teeth for dental "miracles" after her pastor, Les Beauchamp of Trinity Church Interdenominational in Omaha, believed them and preached about them. Beauchamp is listed as a supporter of Omaha for Decency's anti-porn crusade in a newspaper ad placed by the group in the 7/9/2000 Omaha World Herald.  (A copy of the ad can be viewed here.) Pastor Beauchamp preached that these "miracles" have been reported worldwide. What he obviously didn't mention, though, is that the people in various places who have made these claims have later found that their dental records prove a dentist put in the gold dental work. In other cases, observers saw that the dental work was still silver.(References) This, of course, is the same pattern shown by the people from Omaha who made these claims.

       Two other pastors who believed these so called miracles are Pastor Ray Mayhew  (also from Trinity Church Interdenominational) and Pastor Rod Whitlock of Bellevue Christian Center. Both of these pastors are also listed as supporters of Omaha for Decency in their anti-porn ad. 
        No wonder Omaha for Decency claims that eliminating porn would reduce sex crimes. Some of their supporters are so gullible, they'll believe almost anything. (The claim that eliminating porn would reduce sex crimes is a myth, and is discussed on 
another section of this site.) Do you want these nutcases deciding what you can or cannot read or watch? Of course not. They have no credibility.
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