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Oppose Censorship In Omaha

Censorship In Omaha
A look at some of the history of censorship in the Omaha area, including the persecution of Dr. John's Lingerie Boutique.

Anti-gay, anti-porn pastor from Omaha for Decency has been repeatedly cited for masturbating in public.
Updated 5/2012

Another Hypocrite
Omaha anti-porn priest investigated for sex abuse.
Updated 5/2012
Omaha's Christian Taliban
Anti-porn crusader from Omaha for Decency wants to execute people who don't share his religious beliefs. Updated 6/2012

More Hypocrisy
Married Omaha for Decency pastor who wants porn banned to protect marriages admitted to sex with 17-year-old he was counseling for emotional problems.
Even More Hypocrisy
Omaha anti-porn crusader doesn't practice what he preaches.

Hypocrisy Again
Anti-porn former archbishop repeatedly reassigned a child molesting priest.

Hypocrisy Continues
Iowa censor convicted of harassing woman with obscene phone calls.
Censors Not Credible
Nebraska censors who are crackpots.

Double Standards
Omaha judge gave jail sentence to owner of Dr. John's store for selling porn, but fine only to a child abuser.
Still More Hypocrisy
Omaha censor who wants porn prosecuted admitted he was a porn fan for 20+ years.
Porn and Sex Offenses
Censors claim eliminating porn will reduce sex crimes, but research does not support this claim.